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Our values

At CTG, we say it as it is. We do this in an open, respectful and fair manner. Focusing our gaze on today and tomorrow, we strive to become better and better, work together and enjoy what we do at the same time. Our positive mind-set and individual entrepreneurship is what sets us apart. That way, we ensure that we are all RELIABLE. For the sake of our clients and our colleagues.

Our compensation and benefits policy includes several extra-legal benefits on top of your monthly salary. Our policy aims at offering you a competitive compensation plan that reflects the value and internal relationship between jobs and that recognizes differences in experience, capabilities and performance in each individual. Salary increases are performance driven. In addition, you can count on various accredited training courses and a personal career coach, who will assist you with all of these options. We value the importance of well-being at work and a healthy work-life balance. To stimulate social interaction between colleagues, we regularly organize events and gatherings.

Applying for a job at CTG

When you apply for one of our jobs, you can expect a thorough screening. During the application process, we want to discover – to our and your benefit - whether there is a real match between us.

Discover the different steps here. Depending on the job you apply for, we may also add an extra technical test or introduce you to our client.

  1. Resume check
    We scan your resume and look for a match with the vacancies we have at CTG. Found one? Then we invite you for a (phone) interview.
  2. Culture fit
    During our first (phone) interview, we hope to find a match in personality. Experience our values first-hand. We also discuss your experience, expertise and ambitions. If we like what we see, then we invite you for a second, more in-depth interview.
  3. Career fit
    During our second interview, one of our career coaches and/or technical specialists will discuss with you more in detail the job that matches the best with your background and ambitions. However, it is not all about us. We also want to know where you see yourself in your career and if we can help you reach those goals.
  4. Contract offer
    If we like you and you like us, we will discuss our offer in detail. Is the enthusiasm mutual? Then handshakes are in order. In some cases, we also add a client interview to this step.
  5. Welcome to CTG
    Huzzah! Contract signed. Time for an extensive induction period. Even before your first day, you will be introduced to CTG through our onboarding platform. This will make it easier to find your way and get you ready for your induction day at CTG.

First job as a consultant?

Have you set your mind on your very first job? Welcome to CTG. We have already helped many school leavers take their first professional steps. What can you expect from us? A lot of interesting and challenging opportunities and the necessary training to learn as much as you can in a short period of time. That way you can really boost your career.

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