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Christine Vermeiren

EHR Implementations

April 25, 2018

Primuz is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of UZ Brussels, a fully integrated EHR that goes beyond an electronic medical record. It was developed by the UZ, in close cooperation with doctors and nursing staff and is highly supported by its users.

In each hospital, patient care comes first. An EHR can come in very handy because it enables patient data to be available quickly. The EHR offers operational support to patient care and optimization of the clinical, logistical and administrative processes. It measures and improves the quality and safety of patient care and guarantees the rights and privacy of the patients.

Hospitals that chose for the Primuz system, get access to all functionalities of the software, while maintaining the ability to configure the system according to their needs. The medical data of the patients remain under the control of the hospital, allowing them to maintain control of their own data.

Meanwhile a number of Belgian hospitals have announced that they have chosen for the Primuz system: the Heilig-Hart Ziekenhuis in Lier, the AZ Sint-Elisabeth in Zottegem, the AZ West in Veurne, the AZ Zenoin Knokke-Heist, Blankenberge and Maldegem), the AZ Rivierenland (Sint-Jozefkliniek in Bornem and AZ Heilige Familie in Rumst), the Clinique St-Pierre in Ottignies, the AZ Jan Palfijn in Ghentand the AZ St-Andries in Tielt.

Because of new implementations that are continuously being added, we are constantly looking for new colleagues. Please have a look at the vacancies on our jobsite, if you are interested in joining us!

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