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Stéphane Secco

Happy Trainees Label: why we're so popular with our trainees

October 22, 2019

CTG Luxembourg PSF has been awarded the Happy Trainees label based on the evaluations of trainees who spend a few weeks, months or even years with the company. Since the start of the year, 20 trainees have reinforced the different departments: Marketing & Communication, Recruitment, Sales, Administrative and particularly IT (developers, systems and network administrators and Help Desk agents). Christophe Ratynski, Senior Recruiter and Trainee Manager, tells us more about the strategies used to make them feel more at home at CTG.

For the second time, CTG Luxembourg PSF has been awarded the Happy Trainees label.

This label highlights companies that care for the reception, support and management of their trainees. Scores come exclusively from the trainees, who anonymously assess their company on several aspects. “Each trainee at CTG is monitored by a personal tutor,” explains Christophe Ratynski, Senior Recruiter and Trainee Manager at CTG Luxembourg. “This individual is not chosen by chance; it is someone who is very important for the trainee, who must have a perfect command of their area of expertise and demonstrate patience and an ability to educate. Their role is not simply administrative, they must work alongside the student and help them progress. In order to ensure that the training matches the work obligations, they must support the trainee but also take a critical look at the work they do. Indeed, their assignments must serve the company’s business directly and not just improve the daily lives of those responsible for the trainees. Consequently, it is important to give them responsibilities in the tasks assigned to them so that they can progress.”

In addition to this first-line monitoring, Christophe Ratynski himself acts as a second tutor for the trainees. Responsible for the relationships with the schools and universities, he also maintains links and contacts with teachers. He meets the trainees and regularly has discussions with them. “That may be over a lunch or a coffee break. The aim is to ensure that the trainee feels like a company employee and that their integration into the business is going smoothly.” This strategy works because many trainees join CTG Luxembourg PSF every year for internships of varying lengths. “These can range from a few weeks to several years for some profiles. We also accept trainees on sandwich courses, combining studies with working at a company,” states Christophe Ratynski.

A recruitment challenge

For CTG Luxembourg PSF, the integration of trainees is a real recruitment challenge.

In fact, this practice allows them to find future talents able to fill the positions for which there is a genuine shortage in the Grand Duchy. “This is a really good way to recruit, especially for IT profiles,” highlights Christophe Ratynski. "A trainee at CTG Luxembourg PSF can turn up with skills that have real added value on the current IT market. Furthermore, at the end of the internship, we can offer the trainee a permanent contract.”

Alongside the Great Place to Work label awarded to CTG Luxembourg for the 9th consecutive year, the Happy Trainees label should strengthen the company’s employer brand and make it easier to recruit trainees and new employees. “For several years, we have regularly visited various schools in Luxembourg, France and Belgium in order to meet and attract new talents. We present the CTG Group, the Luxembourg office, its values, the different departments and recurring job vacancies and internships. Of course, we know that this practice is also adopted by our competitors, which shows that there is indeed a battle for talent on the Luxembourg IT market.”

First Job as Consultant?

Have you set your mind on your very first job? Welcome to CTG. We have already helped many school leavers take their first professional steps. What can you expect from us? A lot of interesting and challenging opportunities and the necessary training to learn as much as you can in a short period of time. That way you can really boost your career.

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