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Ann Vansichen

Jeroen and Rob, both medical software consultants at CTG

July 14, 2020

Today we would like to introduce you to Jeroen and Rob, two medical software consultants with a mixed passion for health and IT. A passion that has proven to be very valuable during various implementation projects of an electronic medical record (EMR).

In such an implementation project, they search, together with our clients, for the most efficient work processes and their translation within the EMR. Thanks to their knowledge of and experience in a hospital's work processes, they can provide useful expert advice to healthcare professionals as well as application managers and IT staff. Together with them and with the supplier of the EMR, they always strive to deliver a successful integrated solution.

Of course, our customers are never alone. They can always call on the necessary training, guidance and support during the start-up phase within the various departments. It goes without saying that having good listening and communication skills, combined with a solid dose of motivation, is a prerequisite to bring these processes to a successful conclusion.

Our consultants are not alone either. As a close-knit team of IT professionals and care profiles, we are always there for each other. In all our projects we strive for high customer satisfaction. After all, as a team we have all the knowledge and experience to lead and execute a full implementation, both functionally and technically. Our "best practices" are based on knowledge gained by the team and corresponding "lessons learned", both during the implementation of the projects and afterwards.

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