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Petra Haldermans

Medical Software Consultant @ CTG

May 11, 2021

In the past few years a lot of junior profiles have started within CTG Health Solutions. They are trained and coached by our experienced consultants to become medical software consultants. In their first weeks and months, they get to know the wonderful world of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) and related applications during a boot camp, they learn about their tasks and responsibilities as a consultant, and together we build the road to their first project experiences. From then on, they can forge their own career path: each at his or her own pace, with an eye for their unique qualities and talents and with the guarantee of continuous support.

We are happy to introduce you to some of our colleagues who have already walked this path within CTG, because there is no better way to explain a career as a medical software consultant at CTG than from their own personal experience:


From the warm welcome we received at the start, it was immediately clear to us that CTG employees have a lot of values and characteristics in common: they are all accessible, open-minded, respectful, flexible and extremely collegial! A pleasant atmosphere that allowed us to be ourselves right away.

During our first week, an experienced consultant immersed us in the EMR and simultaneously pointed out the importance of our hard and soft skills. In short: a quick but nice preparation for us to start on our first project, where we are further guided and supported with room for our own input during a rather busy run-up to the next go-live moment.

Most of us have spent the past few months introducing and training key users, doctors and nurses to familiarise them with the new EMR and help them get started with this new way of working. Some of them have also already started with configuration work based on earlier analyses. In addition, we collected feedback during consultation moments to identify additional needs and strive for improvements.

Gradually, we are given new tasks and responsibilities, our involvement increases and we are able to launch more and more initiatives. The trust you receive, both from the client and from CTG, makes you dare to step out of your comfort zone. We are already looking forward to developing further and taking on more responsibilities in our varied role as consultants.


We have been on board for several years now. Like our colleagues, we were coached at the start, in order to take our first steps in the projects. In the meantime, we have each gone our own way and the job content differs a little from person to person. We all have a very broad knowledge of the EMR, but in addition, everyone has a specialisation. This enables us to support our client even better in the challenges that come with implementing a new electronic patient file. On the work floor, we also supervise other application administrators and are in contact with the departments and doctors in order to configure everything to their needs, to train them and to support them. Along with the challenges within the project, we grow and expand our knowledge and skills. All this in a pleasant atmosphere, with room and attention for special moments and collegiality on the shop floor.


We have only just started, but in the past few weeks we have already experienced that we are more than welcome here and that they invest in us. At CTG good training and guidance are extremely important. From day one, we were immersed in all aspects and components of the EMR. Not only is the content important, but we also focus on the importance of clear communication, motivation and a structured approach during these implementation processes. Today, we are taking our first steps in different projects, under the wings of our experienced colleagues. That makes our job very interesting and challenging from the start.


Electronic medical records... At first, this sounded a bit like Chinese to us. But we have noticed that, with the right guidance, even 'Chinese' can be understood quite quickly! After getting to know the company and the colleagues, we got to know the customers by training with the support team. This was soon followed by our first real projects. At the start, this was by following colleagues or executing under supervision, but the further we got in the process, the more we were able to work independently. Soon, we were solving problems ourselves and communicating with customers on our own. In the meantime, we are in weekly contact with several customers and we always try to form a bridge between the customer and the developers. The support and friendliness of our colleagues in case of questions or ambiguities knows almost no bounds. It feels good to know that with every step we take, one is also taken towards us. Once we get going, it's hard to stop.

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