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Annelore Van Hoof

Meet Annelore Van Hoof, Data Privacy Consultant at CTG in Belgium

May 6, 2021

My name is Annelore and I am a Data Privacy Consultant at CTG for about four years now.

Working as a consultant enables you to get a taste of different projects and customers. Thus far, I have experienced what it’s like to work in telecom, the energy sector, but also in transport or the pharmaceutical industry. I have been engaged in smaller projects such as a readiness assessment or a DPIA, but I have also experienced what it’s like to work at one single customer for a longer time. And I can tell you: I have never had a dull moment within these four years.

My current client is a big player in the transport industry. I am supporting this organization from A to Z in getting (and remaining) compliant. As you might know, compliancy is a never-ending story. So what do I actually do in this role? I compose the records of processing, draft processing agreements, assess tools, write privacy notices or procedures and plenty more. In general, I am the contact point in the organization for all data privacy and data protection related matters and deliver advice on several different subjects.

Furthermore, I also joined the EU DP Office of CTG last year. Working as a Data Privacy Delegate gives me the opportunity to ‘practice what we preach’. The EU DP Office is a pleasant way to collaborate with my CTG colleagues in order to remain GDPR compliant and gives me the opportunity to work with CTG employees from all over the world, within several different business entities. It broadens my knowledge and demonstrates my manager’s confidence in my skills.

In my spare time, I love to go for a walk with my boyfriend and our English Cocker Spaniel. Next to that, I love a good HIIT or cross-box session, but I just as much enjoy a glass of rosé, a fine meal or a nice book.

Therefore, only one conclusion remains: CTG is a great place to work and keeps on challenging me day after day.

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