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Stéphane Secco

The PAM solution, a major element for the organizations’ security.

June 24, 2019

During the IS Day held on May 21st in conjunction with the ICT Spring event at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg, CTG Luxembourg presented a PAM (Privileged Account Management) solution adapted to companies. These companies are still not sufficiently equipped with these tools, despite while many specialists agree that this issue should be one of their first concerns.

The user accounts of IT system administrators are particularly critical for cyber security. In 2018, the renowned consulting firm Gartner identified privileged accounts (Privileged Account Management - PAM) as the first issue of concern for CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers). And these accounts are still often not properly protected within companies.

CTG Luxembourg therefore took advantage of the Internet Security Day (IS Day) held on May 21st in conjunction with the ICT Spring to present a securing and management solution for the privileged accounts that must meet these needs. This was the first event in which the company took part with former employees of Tech-IT, now part of CTG Luxembourg. "It has to be said that many companies are managing inefficiently their privileged accounts," explains Mr. Eric Metz, Consultant in the security department of CTG Luxembourg. The different passwords and other security elements are often stored in simple files. However, even if encrypted, these data are vulnerable. Moreover, traceability with regard to these various elements, to their modification, is most often non-existent. »

A complete and easy solution to implement

To meet the security requirements of these privileged accounts, CTG Luxembourg is working with the "Secret Server" solution developed by Thycotic, one of the market leaders, which was also taking part at the last edition of the IS Day and which generated a lot of interest. "Secret Server's main added value is the ease of use and speed of implementation," says Mr. Mathieu Wolinski, Account Manager at CTG Luxembourg. The solution can be operational in one day, while being extremely complete. "Secret Server allows to protect the passwords, notably by automatically changing them at regular intervals, removing internal and external threats, carrying out regular audits to ensure that the company is still in compliance with various security and data protection regulations, and detecting suspicious activity.

Talk to IT specialists

If the attractions aspects of Secret Server do not necessarily appeal to everyone, the CTG Luxembourg team present at IS Day was able to reach many IT specialists concerned about system security issues. "These people are familiar with the issues of managing privileged accounts and are currently looking for solutions. When introduced to Secret Server, they quickly understand the value this tool can provide for their organization," adds Mr. Eric Metz. To better illustrate how Secret Server works, CTG Luxembourg offered a demonstration of the Secret Server tool on its stand. In addition, a more detailed explanation session was organised at 2.30 pm. This will remove the last doubts about a PAM solution that is increasingly popular among companies.

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