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If you are part of our Management Consultancy unit, especially active in the UK, your workplace is the client’s office. You will immerse in the world of our clients, establish good client relationships, develop subject matter expertise, and manage deployment and proof of concept projects in the field of secure systems.

Our consultants are recognised by the industry as subject matter experts across the government and security sector. They know the importance of the work they are involved in, and are highly motivated to do the right thing in terms of quality and control. This focus and consequent modus operandi helps to keep our staff focused on the job, and make them very willing to go that extra mile.

We welcome both junior and experienced people, who may occasionally be exposed to challenging situations or given tasks that are not in their job description. However, keep in mind that you will never be unsupported. We know that this is the way you develop new skills, broaden your horizons and continue to grow both personally and professionally. You can always count on us for training and support in your further development.

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