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CTG's Regulatory Compliance unit ensures correct and consistent compliance with existing laws and regulations. Our Risk & Compliance consultants ensure compliance with the relevant regulations in the Life Sciences sector (GxP, CFR Part 11...), while our Data Privacy consultants implement the privacy legislation (GDPR) in various sectors where personal data is processed.

All of our consultants obtained a Master’s degree and have a strong interest in IT.

Our Regulatory Compliance consultants like to take on new challenges. They are thrilled to think out of the box and as such are creative in designing solutions for complex issues. All our team members are unique people who can work independently as well as in teams. They clearly believe that work should be fun and results should be of extraordinary quality. Moreover, their verbal communication as well as writing skills are impeccable.

Our consultants are the cornerstone of our organization. Their personal and professional development is quintessential to us. Therefore, we promise to invest in further honing your skills and know-how. Constructive and regular feedback is part and parcel of this approach. We take care of the team as a whole without losing touch for individual needs.

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