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How to become a Validation Engineer: training, experiences, ...

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avril 3, 2020

My name is Damilola, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Portsmouth and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science at the Transnational University of Limburg. After my studies, I was referred to CTG by a friend who used to work at CTG some years ago. He was very positive about the company and he told me it is a great place to start my working career. I went on CTG’s website and from that point, I knew I wanted to apply for a position at this company. I decided to apply for a junior consultant position with Regulatory Compliance as this aligned with my career interests.

Fast forward to my first start day, I received a very warm welcome, got to know my colleagues, we had a tour of the building where the atmosphere felt quite nice and homely. After this we all had a delightful lunch together, this helped us to get to know each other better. I was excited to start, everyone was extra pleasant.

Our first two weeks began with trainings, quite frankly I did not know what to expect especially seeing that I left university and thought I might not have to be in a classroom again; however, as soon as the courses started, I learnt so much without remembering that I was in a class. The courses were engaging and insightful, we had the pleasant opportunity of learning from all the principal consultants in Regulatory Compliance so we also got to learn from their vast experience in the field. We had to write an exam at the end of this training period after which, we were full-fledged consultants.

CTG has an online academy where a lot of courses are being taught, I utilized my time on the bench by learning about interesting topics for example Blo-ck-cha-in technology.

As a starter, I had many questions; fortunately for me, CTG has an open door policy and when you start at CTG, you are assigned to a competence developer (almost like a mentor) to guide you through your career; my competence developer ensured all my questions were answered on different issues which is pleasing for a newbie.

The CTG team events are definitely one to look out for, it is always fun and exciting. The atmosphere of these events are vibrant and I get to connect with colleagues that are working at different sites. I had the opportunity to attend an interview at a renowned Life Science company in Flanders where I started on my first assignment.. It has been a thrilling ride putting into practice everything I learned from my training class. I am currently engaged in the computerized system validation and I am enjoying every bit of it so far. I am involved in the validation of different systems. This process includes obtaining SMART user requirements specifications, defining functional specifications, defining configuration specifications. This is all done via meetings with the Business Owner, System Owner, IT manager and Quality Assurance. All these specifications will then be tested (verified). After all these tests the system will then achieve validation. Computerised System Validation is important because it provides evidence that a computerised system will meet its specification, will be fit for its planned use, whilst addressing the pertinent GxP regulatory requirements.

I am having a great time working as a consultant and I have no reservations whatsoever. Would I do this all over again? Yes I totally would. I enjoy working with a great staff, talented people and working in a great environment. CTG is indeed a “Great Place to Work”.

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