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Jo Herroelen

DevOps Accelerated: The Final Countdown

aot 12, 2021

Notre première "CTG DevOps Academy" débute le 6 septembre 2021. Nous accueillerons des professionnels de l'informatique à haut potentiel, qui suivront une formation intense de 4 semaines pour devenir de futurs ingénieurs DevOps. Comment et pourquoi ? Découvrez-le ici!

Yes, it’s coming!

CTG is proud to announce the launch of our upcoming DevOps Academy. On September 6th, we will welcome a number of new joiners, all high potential IT professionals, excited to accelerate their careers as DevOps Engineers. We will bring people on board who will - as part of their career launch - follow an intense 4-weeks training. In 20 transformational learning days, they will become DevOps Engineers.


We all know DevOps has been around for a while now. That in itself is nothing new. But what we have been seeing for some time now, is that our clients are all more and more looking for DevOps talents, while the required skill set they need greatly varies. DevOps requirements simply have not crystallized and standardized yet. Each organization we talk to has a different definition of certain roles, expresses different needs and is faced with different challenges. On top of that, clients are at a different point in their transformation. Some are already very far in their DevOps journey, while others are merely at the very start of it.

That is where we as CTG can step up and support our clients. We can make sure we have the very best talent and the skills you need.

Going beyond simply aiming at ‘providing resources’, we have been focusing on understanding what Value we can bring. We have been working together with our clients over the past few months to understand what is missing and how we can fill the gaps. In doing so, we were able to define, in close cooperation with our clients, a learning path that focusses on providing our new joiners with a broad set of DevOps capabilities. We’ve put together a curriculum that contains not only technical tool trainings, but equally values the DevOps Mindset and Culture and allows our candidates to apply the acquired knowledge.

Starting from the idea that skills are transferrable and that we want to provide our new colleagues with a strong DevOps foundation, the selection of technical skills is intended to have a rough 80% match with the CI/CD pipelines we see at our clients. When discussing this with clients, this has led to some very interesting discussions. Why would you include Kubernetes, and not Openshift? Why include Azure, and no other Cloud technologies?

The answer is simple: because you cannot have it all. However, we can give you the basics! Whether you work with Docker or any other means of containerization, if we can give you the concepts and experience in part of the existing tool suites, then that will already be a very strong basis.

Of course, this way of working requires the right type of persons. People willing to learn, willing to experiment, willing to improve. People who have that “DevOps Touch”.

Finding these people is not easy, but this is… after all… CTG!

We are very proud to share this news with you and start the countdown: September 6th.


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