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Eddy Simons

Mens sana in corporation sanO

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février 12, 2018

To work is fun. Sometimes.

To work in a company that cares is a joy. Always.

At CTG, we do care. Not only for ourselves and our colleagues, but also for others.

Some call it ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, but in fact, it’s all about caring.

Caring for cancer, sponsoring cancer research and awareness programs.

Caring for the third and fourth world, helping them to close the digital gap and fight the e-waste problem.

And when we’re caring, why not do it in a healthy and fun way? So CTG’s cycle team has been the green engine of these initiatives for some years now, pedaling the kilometers away in events like ‘1000 km voor Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ and ‘Bike to Close the Gap’. Those who follow us on social media have witnessed the heroic efforts of the green jerseyed cycling team.

Traditionally, we started in May with the ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ event, where 2 teams of 8 CTG cyclists rode 1000 kilometers in 4 days. A huge event with a great vibe, where also the CTG supporters showed their enthusiasm, cheering us forward for 4 great days. Even the traditional Belgian rain showers couldn’t slow us down, and all riders of the 2 CTG teams crossed the finish line of their stage with a big smile on their face.

End of June, our cycling team sponsored the ‘Bike to Close the Gap’ event. The aim was to raise money for providing IT material to the third and fourth world, and the crazy way we do this is by climbing the well-known Paterberg as many times as possible within 3 hours. Picture a nice load of cobblestones, combined with slaloming through 250 other climbing, falling and cursing competitors and you get the ideal mix for a load of sweaty fun. Our team performed very well, on the bike as well as socializing at the barbecue event afterwards...

But let's not forget all other colleagues who showed their heart! All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of CTG’s organizing team and their helpers. So a big tribute to all those behind and in front of the scenes, organizing the events, raising money by selling (and drinking) cava, cooking, cheering, transporting, sponsoring or helping out in any other way. Thank you!!

Happy people produce quality. Caring companies make the difference.

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En quête de votre tout premier job ? Bienvenue chez CTG. Nous avons déjà accompagné beaucoup de débutants dans leurs premiers pas professionnels. À quoi pouvez-vous vous attendre ? À de très nombreuses opportunités et formations pour apprendre beaucoup et propulser votre carrière en peu de temps.

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