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Filip Gydé

A Look Behind the Logo: Aligning Brand and Culture for a New Era

mei 4, 2021

Filip Gydé, President & CEO van CTG, legt uit wat onze nieuwe merknaam en visie betekenen voor de CTG-cultuur waarop onze klanten zijn gaan vertrouwen. Ontdek in zijn blog meer over onze groeiende vaardigheden, verbeterde diensten en flexibele leveringsmodellen.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

I’m reminded of this quote from Leo Tolstoy as we reflect on the launch of our new brand in the midst of one of the most challenging business environments any of us have ever faced. Rebranding during a pandemic or any global crisis could be seen as sheer folly. However, I would argue there is never a better time for organizational self-reflection than when the world is changing radically.

We are living in an era when change is faster and more unpredictable than ever. Organizations are coming to grips with the reality that digital transformation is key to keeping up with—and getting ahead of —all that change. There are stark new realities in how businesses engage customers, use technology, and operate on a day-to-day basis. And, there are more changes to come as virtually every industry moves toward radical reinvention. Simply put, the pace is faster and the stakes are higher. This is not a landscape where the old ways of doing things will work.

While the rebrand brings a new, forward-looking identity to CTG, there is so much more behind it designed to address the need for digital acceleration. The new logo, website, and other visual elements are backed by a growing portfolio of services, tools, and methodologies our clients need, and there will be ongoing investments to ensure CTG continues to deliver the most innovative solutions.

Today, however, I want to focus on what our new vision and brand means for the CTG culture that clients have come to value as the rock-solid foundation for our delivery of solutions and services.

One of the most critical aspects of our rebranding was deciding not only what we want to keep, but what we want to bolster, because those characteristics of our brand—already deeply embedded in our culture—are even more critical for delivering digital transformation in an increasingly volatile world.

1. Trust: We’re building on more than five decades of proven reliability

The exciting thing about a rebrand like this is that we’re not changing to “fix” a problem or as a survival strategy. Instead, we see the potential to accelerate transformation and to go deeper with clients on their business, technology, and operational needs. Our previous brand positioning was built around 50 years of reliability. Our track record for completing IT projects on time and on budget set CTG apart in an industry where most projects take too long and cost too much.

That trust is even more critical when delivering digital transformation in a high-paced, high-stakes business landscape. It’s also more important when those digital initiatives are expected to drive business outcomes, from enhanced customer experiences and business processes, to improved data-driven decision making and continuous innovation.

Trust will continue to be at the heart of our brand, even more so as clients seek the results they need at the time they need them.

2. Expertise: We’re increasing the development of new skills our clients need

With new technologies, platforms, tools, and methodologies flooding the market, we know we must focus on hiring and developing employees who are as excited as we are about the opportunities of digital transformation to lead us into the future. What excites me most about this is our ability to offer new career development paths to employees.

We are expanding our skills in technologies and methodologies we call Digital Accelerators—Agile and DevSecOps, Internet of Things, Intelligent Automation, Data and Analytics, Cloud, and Automated Testing—which help clients achieve their digital transformation outcomes. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, CTG will continue to invest in skills around the emerging technologies that can help companies stay ahead or react quickly to sudden new needs.

3. Connection: We’re mobilizing our strengths on a global scale

Our acceleration under this rebrand involves compiling the knowledge we've gained from all areas of the company around the world into a driver of solutions that work globally. Remaining in close connection across borders not only benefits CTG, it offers a significant advantage to our clients who get best-of-breed services and a flexible delivery model customized for their specific challenges.

Many global companies struggle with this connectedness and customization. Different branches and departments don’t know how to communicate, and sometimes, they’re even competing against each other. CTG has remained dedicated to forging deep connections across our global network and ecosystem of partners to mobilize quickly and effectively for our clients. We have even given this overarching initiative a name—ONE CTG.

I view CTG’s rebranding not as a destination, but a new leg of our ongoing race to be the best partner for our clients’ digital transformation needs across business, technology, and operations.

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